Word Scramble: Bookkeeping

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1. These are entered on the left side of an account. STDIBE
2. These are entered on the right side of an account. RTDSCEI
3. These accounts will normally have a credit balance. IELATISILIB
4. These accounts will normally have debit balances. TSESAS
5. Assets = Liabilities + Owner's _________. TUQEYI
6. Sales are an example of these. EENESVUR
7. The credit amount in the depreciation entry is recorded in  __________ Depreciation. DTUCAMALCUE
8. The accounts are contained in the general ___________. DLRGEE
9. Entries for depreciation are first written in the general ___________. NORLAJU
10. These will reduce the amount of owner's equity. NXSEEEPS
11. A listing of the balances of all accounts is a trial _________. CALBEAN
12. An income statement reports revenues and expenses for a specified ________ of time. DORIPE
13. A = L + OE is the accounting __________. UINAQETO
14. Under _________-entry accounting a transaction affects a minimum of two accounts. UDELOB
15. Withdrawals made by the owner of a sole proprietorship are recorded in the owner's ___________ account. IWRGDAN

Unscrambled Answers
1. Debits 2. Credits 3. Liabilities 4. Assets 5. Equity 6. Revenues 7. Accumulated 8. Ledger 9. Journal 10. Expenses 11. Balance 12. Period 13. Equation 14. Double 15. Drawing

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