Our Clients – Continued

“Small Business Essentials (SBE) has made running and measuring our business easy. As a web marketing company that offers many products and services, we need to know how each category and job is performing. They listened to our needs and set up our books so we have complete financial information at our fingertips whenever we need it. And we know that information is drilled down to the detail we need to measure ROI and profitability - Linda and her team are simply fabulous!”

Kevin Ebben, President | Move One Degree, LLC [2009]
763.442.3526 | www.moveonedegree.com


"Since 2000, Small Business Essentials, Inc. has been essential to my business! I started using SBE for bookkeeping, but their attention to detail impressed me, and soon they were involved with my databases. Now, SBE is a key sub-contracted component of my business. I trust SBE, so they work daily with my customers and services providers. What do they do? They communicate, support, manage, train, recruit, troubleshoot, brainstorm, provide resources, create and implement processes— sometimes independently, sometimes as a team member. SBE and my business grow together. Honestly, I don't know what I'd do without them."

Nancy Giacomuzzi, Executive Director | BNI Minnesota & Northern Wisconsin
612.986.6266 | www.bni-mn.com

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